Economic Value Chain Analysis (USAID/Zambia)

Policy Options for Increasing Tanzanian Exports of Maize and Rice in East Africa While Improving Its Food Security

Cross-Border Trade Between Nigeria and Cameroon (World Bank)

Liberia’s Participation in the ECOWAS Trade Liberalization Scheme


International development requires the allocation of resources to their most productive uses. However, millions of people living in impoverished countries throughout the world lack access to the most basic resources for their own survival and for improving the productivity of their enterprises.

Associates for International Resources and Development (AIRD) unites seasoned development economists with donor agencies and local dynamic thinkers to create lasting solutions. AIRD produces focused strategies and unique approaches at the country, sector, and market levels to achieve sustainable change in the areas of regional trade integration, competitiveness, private sector development, poverty reduction, agriculture, and trade capacity building for development.

Over twenty-five years of service to the international development community.

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